Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Potomac Insurance Network Handle Access to Markets?

There are two methods. First is through Access Plus, which allows members access to our top-rated carriers. Second is through direct company appointments arranged by Potomac Insurance Network.

Does Potomac Insurance Network Provide Additional Income Opportunities?

We are constantly negotiating higher commissions with our carriers. Several compensation arrangements are in place with our carriers.

Does Potomac Insurance Network Address Perpetuation Needs?

Perpetuation is contractually guaranteed by a formula included in the Potomac Insurance Network membership agreement.

What Is Potomac Insurance Network ?

We are a growing network of Independent Insurance Agencies serving the Greater Metro Washington, D.C, Baltimore regions and Delaware. We offer growth opportunities to agencies wishing to remain independent while being able to compete with larger regional agencies and clusters. Potomac Insurance Network is a member of SIAA, a national organization that writes in excess of $4.7 billion in combined premium volume.

How Did The Potomac Insurance Network Concept Originate?

The concept began in 1982 with Satellite Agency Network (SAN) of New
England in response to changes in the Independent Agency system. At the time, many
local agencies were finding that it was impossible to meet volume requirements, keep
markets and survive. SAN allowed the local independent agent to remain Independent, keep existing markets while gaining new ones. We are building on the success of the original SAN model.

What Kind Of Agencies Does Potomac Insurance Network Look For?

There is no specific member profile and we have members of various sizes. Our members are smaller to large agencies in need of markets and stability. However direct writers, life and financial services agencies and producers without a vesting in their book have all found Potomac Insurance network membership beneficial.

What Are The Benefits of Potomac Insurance Network Membership?

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