SIAA Member Agency Testimonials

"We have been a member of SIAA since 2008. Today we have access to over 25 top rated P & C carriers. Without SIAA we would not have taken our agency to next level. Thank you SIAA!!!!!!"
Sunil & Priti Mehta
Mehta Insurance Agency
Absecon, NJ

"We needed to increase our profit margin, and we did it in a significant way. We like the security and negotiating strength SIAA brings to our relationship with the insurance companies."
John Wheeler
The Wheeler Agency
Lake City, FL

"SIAA got us the instant access to markets we needed to become instantly big. Now we can compete on any account that we choose and be confident that we have the products our clients and prospects need. The impact on our bottom line has been nothing less than spectacular!"
Mike & Lisa Vanderwerker
MHB Insurance
Peekskill, NY

"I joined SIAA for higher commissions, profit sharing, and market access. What I didn’t know was that I was also getting industry expertise, training, resources, and most of all INTEGRITY! Under SIAA I have been able to grow the agency, bringing both of my sons into the business."
Wayne Kaufman
Kaufman Agency
Lakewood, CO

"SIAA gives me access to markets I would not have access to with an agency my size!"
Don Young, Young Insurance Agency
Kent, WA

"SIAA has given me the resources and knowledge to compete in the marketplace."
Paul Murphy, Paul T. Murphy Insurance Agency, Inc.
Malden, MA

"SIAA is unquestionably the best path to market availability."
Jim Irwin, Irwin Agency
Norman, OK

"Joining SIAA gave me the opportunity to be my own boss and the ability to expand my business and reach my growth goals."
Tom Brass, Tom Brass Insurance Agency
Hartland, WI

"I needed to do something fast...My SIAA regional Master Agency set me up with a turnkey operation that immediately gave me access to companies. The longer I'm part of the organization the more I understand and appreciate the advantages SIAA gives me as an independent agent."
Keith Vanacore, President
Vanacore Insurance Group
Branford, CT

SIAA Strategic Partner Testimonials

"Through their SMA/ISM business model, SIAA provides a real service to independent agents who are interested in income growth, increased agency value, and perpetuation. SIAA takes an active interest in the selection, management and success of network members, which benefits all parties, including The Hartford. As a national company partner, we also enjoy favorable access to significant amounts of profitable premium, translating into attractive compensation opportunities for SIAA members."
--Bruce Anderson, Director -- National Client Practices
The Hartford

“We are excited to be an integral part of the SIAA distribution network and believe this relationship will help us meet and exceed our growth objectives. We are proud to align ourselves with an entity dedicated to the growth and preservation of the independent agency system."
--Gregory Toczydlowski, Senior Vice President -- Personal Lines
Travelers Insurance Company

Insurance Media Testimonials

SIAA's Master Agencies offer attractive benefits to member firms during current market conditions”
--Rough Notes Magazine

As SIAA signs up more and more satellite agencies, their combined premium fosters substantial profit and commission overrides, which SIAA trickles down to its Master Agents and their Members.”
--Independent Agent Magazine

"If you've been thinking of a new way of doing business and competing in areas not previously possible, consider checking into the many opportunities and strong benefits offered when you sign up with organizations such as the Strategic Independent Agents Alliance (SIAA)..."
--Professional Agent